• When carrying out any of the operations, comply with Law Decree 81/2008 and susequent amendments governing safety at permanent or temporary construction sites.
  • On the arrival of the goods, carefully check the material to make sure it corresponds to the order and the project data. Any defects and/or damage due to transport must be reported immediately contact the company directly by telephone, fax or e-mail
  • Check that the modular tank is provided with all the standard documentation(technical data sheets, installation instruction,etc..) inform the company of any missing items. A copy will be sent immediately.
  • Mark sure that the gaskets, pipes and all the various parts other than in polyethylene are suitable for the liquid to be contained.
  • Use suitable lifting and handling equipment that complies with current saftey standards.
  • Aviod impacts and contact with sharp-edged objects thar could compromise the integrity of the product.
  • Only handle the tanks when they are completely empty using the lifting eyes provided. NEVER lift the tanks by the inlet or outlet pipes
  • For the choice of backfill material and compaction methods, refers to European Standards UNI-ENV 1046 and UNI-EN-1610.
  • During the installation works, mark the boundary of the working area with suitable warning signs
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