Did You Know

Treating the elements right

Panchabhutha or the 'five elements' constituting earth, wind, fire, water, and space are very important for our existence. Treating these elements the right way could get us maximum benefits out of them. Bhoomipooja, a ceremony usually performed before beginning the construction of a house or building is to treat earth, one of the elements, in the most deserving way.

The earth and the environment surrounding the building are to be kept clean and hygienic at all times. A septic tank designed with advanced technology using strong nondegradable, noncorrosive material with out any seepage only can do justice in treating the element 'earth' right.

Bacteria Kills... For a better cause here!

A septic tank is a processing tank and not a dumping tank. The process taking place inside the tank is by bacteria. Without their hard work, your tank would fill within a few months. We at United make the right environment for these favorable bacteria to work to their best.

Are you at risk?

It is neither Engineering nor Architectural defect that endangers your life. It is Microbiology…..!!!! Through better understanding of microbiology and bacteria, we at United eliminate the health & hygiene risks caused by an inferior septic tank. People usually make septic tanks of very large capacity which is a wrong practice and also very expensive. Construction of these tanks in rocky and marshy areas is also a problem. These constructed masonry tanks are not leak proof and they even let the waste water mix with nearby drinking water. The walls of these tanks crack with the penetration of the roots of nearby trees, and mud caves in reducing the capacity of the tank.

Do not kill the bacteria...!!!

It is due to the bacteria inside the septic tank that you are able to use it for a long time. By pouring Soap water, Detergent, Phenol and other chemicals into the closet you destroy these bacteria which you should not..

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